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Lamp Recycling

National Lamp Recycling Program

In an effort to make recycling at your facility as easy as possible, Brook Electrical Supply has partnered with Air Cycle Corporation to provide a simple, turn-key solution for your lamp, ballast, battery, and electronics recycling needs. This nation-wide program provides specially discounted pricing, custom report generation, and Recycling Certificates all available online.

You Have Access To:

Innovative Products and Services - Through this program you will have innovative solutions for your lamp, battery, ballast, and electronic waste.

Helpful Site Features - Recycling reports, certificates, and comprehensive program management tools are available 24/7 through your account.

Excellent Customer Service - Trained representatives are available by phone, email, or live chat to answer questions and offer guidance.

Products and Services

BluewayRecycling.com/Brook is your new home for innovative environmental solutions! We are proud to offer the following products and services through Brook Electrical Supply to address your lamp, battery, ballast, and electronic waste needs. For more information on these products and services, go to www.BluewayRecycling.com/Brook

Bulb Eater - On-Site Lamp Crusher
Savings - Pre-crushing lamps can cut recycling costs by 50%
Storage - Hold up to 1350 4' lamps in single 55 gallon drum
Safety - EPA & OSHA Compliant
Speed - Crush a 4' lamp in less than 1 second
EasyPak - Pre-Paid Recycling Containers
Convenient - Reports and Certificates Available Online
Storage - Save space. When it's full, ship it, it's pre-paid
Sustainable - Automatically receive replacement containers
Comprehensive - Return shipping and recycling fees included
Services - Nationwide Waste Pickup
Recycling services and transportation available throughout the continental United States to help your facilities properly recycle lamps, ballasts, batteries, and electronics. These wastes are palletized and shrink wrapped prior to pick-up.
Online Tools

Automatic Ordering - Save time and hassle, take advantage of automatic-ordering when you order online!

Recycling Certificates - Stored online and available 24/7 to view or print!

Waste Reporting - Detailed recycling reports allow you to monitor progress by date, facility, and waste type!

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