Returned Goods Policy

Return Goods Authorization Statement

All returns must be pre-approved and a Return Goods Authorization number (RGA) issued. An RGA can be obtained by contacting your Brook Electrical Supply representative.

Please note that warehouse personnel and drivers are not authorized to approve returns or accept any material without an RGA.

Brook Electrical Supply Credit Policy

To facilitate the return processing, all returns must meet criteria for one of the following designations. Credit amount and method of processing is dependent upon the reason for return. Descriptions of designations noted below.

  • Stock Material Return
  • Non-Stock or Direct Ship Material Return
  • Defective/Damaged Material Return
  • Brook Electrical Error Return
  • Job Clean-up

Stock Material Return

Provided the material is in unused, resalable condition and of current design, Brook Electrical Supply will issue an RGA subject to the following:

  • With Brook Invoice Number - Full credit issued with no restocking fees.
  • Without Brook Invoice Number - Credit issued with minimum of 30% restocking fees.

Non-Stock or Direct Ship Material Return

Brook Electrical Supply will require an accurate list of material, an Invoice Number and a reason for return.

Credit will be issued subject to manufacturer's Inspection. Restocking fees and freight costs may be incurred returning material to the manufacturer. Credit will be issued upon Brook's receipt of the actual manufacturer's credit. This may take 15-90 days, depending on the manufacturer and type of material.

Defective/Damaged Material Return

For defective materials, Brook Electrical Supply will require an Invoice Number and clear description of the defect. Brook Electrical will NOT credit properly functioning products.

For materials damaged during shipment where a Brook Electrical Supply truck made the delivery, an invoice number is required and substantiation that damage occurred during shipment. Brook Electrical Supply will issue full credit for product and freight incurred on all accepted Defective/Damaged Material Returns. All credits issued are subject to verification of defect or damage at the discretion of Brook Electrical Supply.

For materials damaged during shipment direct from the manufacture a claim will need to be made with the manufacture directly. Brook Electrical Supply is not responsible for damages made by the manufacture.

Brook Electrical Supply Error Return

Authorization for Brook Electrical Error Return requires an Invoice Number, along with an explanation of the Brook Electrical Supply error. If return authorization is requested within 30 days of receipt of product, and product packaging has not been damaged, Brook Electrical Supply will issue full credit for product along with credit for incurred freight charges.

Job Clean-up

As a service to our customer, Brook Electrical will pick-up any materials remaining from a customer's job site. Brook will evaluate the condition and usability of material upon arrival to the warehouse. Credit will be issued for valid returns with minimum of 30% restocking fee.

Please note:
All RGA's must be scheduled for pick-up and paperwork must be in-hand.

Any debits for returns MUST be cleared by our Accounting Department before they are withheld from payment to Brook Electrical Supply.

Credit will be issued to customer's account within 30 days from the receipt of materials at Brook Electrical Supply.

The customer will be notified of any material received that will not be credited and will have 10 working days to claim this material prior to disposal by Brook.

Issues not covered in this RGA Policy can be brought to the attention of Sales Management.